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March Exhibit - "Solitude"
Through March 28

Original Painting by Joyce Condry
Gift from the Sea
by Joyce Condry

Original Painting by Dianne Shearon
Red Sky Awakening
by Dianne Shearon

Original Painting by Laura Hickman
A Quiet Morning
by Laura Hickman

ORiginal Watercolor by Lesley McCaskill
by Lesley McCaskill

Original Watercolor by Artist Cheryl Wisbrock
Old Warehouse
by Cheryl Wisbrock

Original Painting by Jeanne Mueller
Sunrise at Cape Henlopen
by Jeanne Mueller

Original Painting by Dale Sheldon
by Dale Sheldon

Origina Painting by Pat Riordan
An Ideal Place
by Pat Riordan

Artists are very familiar with solitude. It is that delicious time where dreams are spun and ideas explored, where non thinking is beckoned and intuition encouraged and most of the time, how the work is done. This month the artists at Gallery One explore places of solitude.

Many people come to the beach for solitude. “Sunrise at Cape Helelopen State Park”, oil is artist Jeanne Mueller’s “favorite time to walk and be lost in your own thoughts.The beautiful colors of the sky and the crashing of waves on the sand can sooth your soul”.Dianne Shearon’s “Red Sky Awakening, acrylic, portrays the “the beautiful red sky that occasionally folds into the clouds over the water and emits a beautiful glow that can take your breath away.

Solitude is sometimes a renewing experience. Walking along the beach on a cool day is artist Lesley McCaskill’s response. “Solitude”, acrylic, “expresses the need to be quiet and present to my inner being”. Pat Riordan’s “An Ideal Place” portrays the boardwalk as a “place to gaze at the ocean and visually capture it beauty and strength”.

The ocean sometimes releases a treasure.  A shell is the subject of Joyce Condry’s acrylic “Gift from the Sea”. "After it’s rough and tumble trip through the ocean, the shell ends its journey on a solitary beach.” “Resting”, acrylic by Dale Sheldon shows a magnificent green sea turtle as it emerges from the rough surf to rest on the beach. The tracks remaining as it slowly makes its way across the sand creates a pattern connecting the turtle to the sea.”

"Bethany is very quiet during the months of the off-season.”  Laura Hickmans pastel “A Quiet Morning “is an alley during the late fall where the warm light and the sounds of the birds create a feeling of unique beauty and solitude. “Old Warehouse” plein air watercolor by Cheryl Wisbrock is a vision of solitude in aged wood and rusted metal. It sits at the edge of Berlin close to the road and railroad tracks and was once a busy and bustling railroad shipping depot.”  



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