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September Exhibit Transitions
Through September 26


The artists at Gallery One present the September theme “Transitions”.“Transitions can mean a change is taking place, moving from one location to another, changing jobs, or evolving from a caterpillar into a butterfly and it is generally a slow process” says Joyce Condry. Hersoft acrylic “Hello World” captures the expression of three newborn chicks. “Imagine the shock they must have when suddenly breaking out of their shells to enter our world and then discovering their feet have a purpose.”

“Each day we are gifted with transitions from dawn to dusk, day to night, sunlightto moonlight. “Last Light”, acrylic by Dale Sheldon “paints the setting sun with the soft light reflecting on the water and waves.  The complementary color palette with blues and oranges gives it strong visual contrast as the colors change and melt into each other. The shallow water transitions to deep water, the rough waves transition to gentle ripples.” Jan Moffatt’s painting "Morning Glory" celebrates the "transition" from night to a new day. “Time seems suspended as a new day slowly lights the sky with a misty shell pink and then suddenly turns the colors of a new day on and lights the landscape. “Morning Glory is part of Jan’s "American Farm Collection" celebrating the majestic mountains and the humble farm tucked in the lush valley below.

Lesley McCaskill returns to one of her favorite subjects, people on the beach. Taking a Break”.acrylic, shows a lone woman as she moves from a time of visiting to one of quiet. “Every day we move from one activity to another, making choices and making transitions.”

Artists sometimes add different mediums to push their ideas to a new level. Laura Hickman began "CrustaceoEatalotum" pastel, by “drawing on a square of paper, and transferring it to another square by passing it through an etching press.  Each mark went from one surface to the next with many, many passes through the press.  It is a transitional way of working with lots of textural possibilities. In the end, the two mirrored images resembled a lobster to me!”



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