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September Exhibit - Open Window
August 28 - October 1, 2014

Inspired by the theme, ”Open Window” , Gallery One artists watercolored, oil painted, and created in acrylic for the gallery’s featured wall for month of September.  A cat looked in at cats looking out, a goat looked out at you looking in, peonies and an a plein- air artist reflected in window panes, flowers from outside were in vases inside, diners inside enjoyed the view outside and a window shopper stopped to reflect.

Four felines peer through a window at a sister cat, who is outside looking in. In Pat Riordan’s “Cat Wishes”, you can just imagine that the lone cat outside wishes she was part of the group inside and the four inside look as if they envy the freedom of the cat outside. The piece is charming and whimsical and it invites you to make up your own story of the scene.



Featured Artist

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Gallery One - Best Art Gallery in Sussex County for 2014


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